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A little about us!

Hi there!

Thank you so much for visiting our little online boutique! I began this little project around the time by son was 4 months old. We had been cloth nappying successfully and noticed many people were intrigued in my choice to use cloth and really hadn't come across it in the modern way it was being used!

I was the only mum in my group of friends (or really anyone I knew) that was using cloth and educating others became my mission! My own cloth journey started due to my own concerns as a new mum about what was being used on my baby. Initially my main concern was skincare and bath products and the kinds of chemicals used in them and then I came across an article about what was being used in nappies! My son was getting horrible nappy rash no matter what I did and his skin was super sensitive......It had never occurred to me that I had never actually thought about the fact that perhaps something in the nappies was bothering him!

This then naturally stemmed into learning about the impacts that disposable nappy use had on the environment and it was shocking to learn that a single nappy takes 500 years to break down! We were using so many and the bin just always seemed so full of these plastic nappies! We fell in love with modern cloth nappies and couldn't believe how easy and trim they could be! 

All the products we have on Cloth Bits and Bottoms have ben specifically curated because these are products I LOVE and use on my own baby and I would love other mum's to be able to experience them too. Some mums try and give up on cloth and other's are a little afraid of jumping onto the cloth bandwagon, and our mission is to help make cloth a little easier for everyone!

If you ever need any advice, help with cloth nappying or would like to have a general chat I am more than happy to help or chat anytime! We all want the best for our babies and Cloth Bits and Bottoms is here to support you with any choices or changes you want to make!


Much Love,